4 Sep 2009

Level completed

Submitted by blizzz

When I did my Abitur (~A-Levels) 4 years ago, our motto has been "Level 13: complete", for 13 classes of school. Now, again, I completed another markable level. With yesterdays oral examination I finished my coop study successfully and can call me now Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems (sounds not so exciting in German, though).

26 Aug 2009

FrOSCon 2009: Quick Review

Submitted by blizzz

As you know, I was at the FrOSCon last week, in first line to keep our Kubuntu booth up and running. On the outward bound i met Eckhart from KDE by chance, which made it quite entertaining.

The first day started with waiting for our booth material, which had some delay, so that it was made out of my Laptop and few CDs I got from ShipIt (all in all we had about 30 to 35 of them only) for about an hour (which was not so bad, however).

14 Aug 2009

KDE shortcut of the day

Submitted by blizzz

Precious in dual screen setups only, however. I found out by chance, that pressing Ctrl+< shifts the current window to the next screen. Isn't it wonderful?

Works in KDE 4.3, don't know about former versions.

Update: I'm sorry! The default setting is None for this shurtcut, which you can confuge in "Global Keyboard Shortcuts", section "Kwin", Key "Window to Next Screen". Obviously, i changed this long long long ago and forgot about it. Nevertheless, the shortcut is cool!

30 Jul 2009

Berlin, Berlin

Submitted by blizzz
That is where i stayed from Monday afternoon until Wednesday night. These have been moving days! I met my exgf, visited some sights i knew and some i did not and decided for a job. In detail, i have had the job interview including some tests on tuesday morning with a company i have had contact for some weeks now. The appointment went really well, thus I got a first positive feedback and since the executive couldn't be in Berlin, they would discuss it by phone and call me eventually.
17 Jul 2009

Some sort of alive

Submitted by blizzz

Oops, it's now half a year since my last blog entry. That's quite a bad performance... However, I am back (I think^^). As this post contains only some personal updates, some of you might want to stop reading here and hope for something interesting in the next time.

Actually I don't want to tell a story about the six months, either. Most of them were full of work, study, hobby and love, so nothing special. First of all I want to thank a lot of good friends for their support in the previous month that has been really killing me in a emotional sense. So thank you for your shoulders, ears and eyes: Christian, Jan, Marcus A., Markus K., Robert, Joachim, Arne, and Björn (in random order, sorry to who i forgot). You are a vast help to me, i'm indebted to you.

24 Jan 2009

Die Winterpause im deutschen Fußball ist endlich wieder vorbei! Am kommenden Dienstag und Mittwoch geht es los mit der Pokalrunde, am Wochenende darauf geht die Rückrunde wieder los!

Ich hoffe es sind wieder alle Tipper beim Kicktipp dabei, auch wer neu einsteigen möchte ist natürlich gerne Willkommen. Ebenso zu Fachdiskussionen im IRC-Channel ##kubuntu-kicktipper (man beachte die zwei #) im Freenode-Netzwerk :)

21 Jan 2009

Follow kubuntu-de.org

Submitted by blizzz

As Christian already blogged in German, we ─ kubuntu-de.org that is ─ now provide a feed service for both identi.ca and twitter.

If you like to subscribe to them the urls are:
http://identi.ca/kubuntudeorg for identi.ca
http://twitter.com/kubuntudeorg for twitter

Note that almost all of our content is in German language. However, from time to time we release articles in English as well :)

Follow us!

11 Jan 2009
(Deutsche Version unten) The outstanding team of Amarok released version of their ingenious music player, thanks for that! However, a little thing does not meet my taste: the playlist filter. Becuase i am a very fan of the biased playlists, i have no usage for it. Unfortunately, there is no option to blank it. I'd appreciate (wish), if this will be included in one of the next releases (to me, the ui looks cleaner without it, too).